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Hey Zoltan:
The ring sparkles brighter and more brilliantly than anything I've ever seen in my life.
Fortunately, my lady (Cara) agrees, and after travelling from Budapest to Venice, I was able to ask her to marry me on a roof-top terrace in Venice after a fireworks show. She said yes, and she hasn't stopped staring at the ring since. We are back in Canada now and are sharing the news with family and friends.
Thank you so much for your services, I will write up a more specific testimonial for you in the near future.

Drew Rankin

Szuper volt minden a rendelt gyűrű gyönyörű lett.

Kocsis Kinga

Eddig hibátlan, és nagyon szép.

Bertalan Kiss

Dear Zoltan Karl,

I'm very sorry for the late reply.
The ring is fantastic!
Thank you very much!!
If I Anytime visit your City, i will come to you shop an have a look!
Best Regards from Germany

Ruffing Matthias

Kedves Zoltán!
A gyűrűket megkaptam, mindenki hálás a családban önnek. További sok sikert kívánok az élet bármely területén!
Még egyszer: Köszönöm.
Üdv : Dobos Gábor

Dobos Gábor

Köszönök szépen mindent, minden tökéletes volt

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Vásárlóink mondták
Vásárlóink mondták